How to Play Teen Patti

If you want to learn how to play Teen Patti game or improve your gameplay, look no further as we have you covered. Here you will learn the basic rules of Teen Patti and a few pointers that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play Teen Patti online.

  1. Choose a dealer. Draw cards to choose who starts dealing. The highest drawn card gets the credit. Players will take turns being the dealer in each game round. This will shift in a clockwise manner.
  2. Place an Ante. Each player contributes an Ante that forms an initial pot that players will be fighting for. The Ante sets the level of the game as each game is topped to a pot which equals 1024 times the ante unless it is played without a limit.
  3. Get your cards. Three cards are dealt face down by the dealer to each player and himself in a clockwise manner.
  4. Begin acting with the first player. The player sitting on the dealer’s right-hand side will start playing; he can decide to play Blind or Seen. In case a player plays blind, he can call the ante, fold or raise to double it. However, if he goes with seen, he can call double, raise to quadruple or fold. Regardless of the bet, he decides to make, and this will be known as a stake.
  5. Go on acting. Every player will have the choice of folding, calling, or raising as a blind or seen player. The amount a player bet depends on the current stake set by the preceding player and if the current player is blind or seen. In case it’s blind, it is either 1x or 2x the current stake or 2x or 4x the stake if it is seen. Suppose the player who previously acted is seen; the stake will always be half as much as what the stake is considered to be from a previously acting player who is blind.
  6. Ask for a sideshow. You can request a sideshow from the previous acting player. The asked player can either accept or deny the request. In case the player accepts the request, both players will secretly show each other their cards. The player with a poor hand ranking will be removed. Here is what hand rankings look like, from the best to the worst.
  • Set or Trail or Trio. Three similar colors regardless of suit or color, for example, A-A-A or 9-9-9.

  • Straight Flush or Pure Sequence. Three succeeding cards of a similar color or suit, for example, A-2-3 of clubs or K-Q-J of hearts.

  • Straight or Run or Sequence: Three seceding cards of different suits, for example, A-2-3 or K-Q-J of diamond, hearts, and spade.

  • Flush or Color. Three cards of the same suit and color, but not in a sequence, for example, A-2-3 OR K-Q-J of heart, diamond, or spade.

  • Pair. Two cards of the same rank regardless of suit of color. For example, A-A-9 OR 5-5-J.

  • High hand. Three cards that are not is a sequence of the same value or the same suit, for instance, A-9-4 with one spade and two diamonds.

  1. Request a showdown. In case players have folded or a sideshow has occurred, leaving two players in the game, one of the players can demand a showdown. The player who doesn’t demand it needs either fold or call. If he calls, the two players will show their cards, and the player with the highest-ranking hand will win.
  2. Enter an alternative showdown. An alternative showdown can occur if played as a limited pot game. For instance, if the pot limit is 1024x the initial ante. If this amount is reached, all players will be forced to show their cards.
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To Start Playing In Teen Patti

Before getting into a game of Teen Patti game, you need to understand the various hand rankings as well as the betting rules.

In a round of Teen Patti, the dealer is determined randomly. For instance, a dealer may be determined by picking cards from the deck, and the highest-ranking card will be the dealer. Meanwhile, the player who wins the hand will be dealing next, or in other instances, the being a dealer will move anticlockwise.

The game starts with every player adding a boot to the pot. This is definitely a buy-in. The players then receive three cards from the dealer, and the game starts. Players can decide to play blind without looking at the card when staking bets or seen, which indicates they decide to look at the cards. Either way they decide to play will inform the betting rules they need to adhere to.

Teen Patti game

Teen Patti is an Indian version of the British game 3 Card Brag. It is sometimes called flush, flush, or 3 Patti. The game is played with 52 cards, excluding jokers and it is most suited for a group of 4 to 7 players. Here is how to play 3 Patti game and a few variations.

Variations of Teen Patti

Teen Patti comes in different variations, and here are some.

Best of four: Players are dealt with 4 cards in this version, and they need to choose three of them to get the highest hand ranking.
Muflis (lowball): In this version, the rankings are reversed. The player with the lowest ranking hand wins.
Low wild: Each player’s lowest card is considered a wild (Only in the player’s hands).
High wild: In this variant, every punter’s highest card is considered wild (in their hands only).
Community: On this version, players are dealt two-face down cards, and there are 1 or 3 community cards with faces up. Players may not form hands with only the community cards.
Draw: In this version, players are allowed to discard some of their cards and get dealt new ones. Normally, a single card is changed at a time, and a betting round follows. Sometimes a new card has to be bought for a particular amount that will be added to the pot.

What Bets to Start With Play Teen Patti

Start with small bets to reduce your risk. Bear in Mind Teen Patti is not a short game. You will enjoy numerous hands in one session. In case you start with small bets, it will reduce your risk of running out of money quickly. It will also give you a chance to win.

Playing Blind and Chaal Teen Patti

Once cards are dealt, players make their first choice of whether to look at the cards or not, and the first betting round begins. Unless a player is out of the game or has folded, each player must follow the same betting pattern. The initial stake is set in, or it matches the boot.

Players playing blind need to bet as follows

  • In case the player before you play is ‘seen,’ you bet the current stake or half the current stake.
  • In case the player before you plays as blind, you double the current stake or bet the current stake.

Players playing Chaal have to bet as follows

  • In case the player before you plays as seen, you double the current stake or stake the current bet
  • In case the player before you plays as blind, you bet at least double that current stake or quadruple the current stake.

The current stake is the bet placed by the player preceding you.

How to win in Teen Patti

Teen Patti game becomes more interesting if you are winning while playing. With some basic skills, you can improve your skills and chance to win In Teen Patti. Here are a few tips on how to win in Teen Patti.

1) Learn the Rules

Before playing Teen Patti, make sure that you first understand the rules. This will give you a clue of what moves to make at any point in the game. Learn more about how to play Teen Patti Gold.

2) Practice Your Skills with Free Games

Most sites give you the chance to play Teen Patti for free. Before you begin playing for cash, play free rounds for free first. This will allow you to know how the game works and what to expect when playing for real money teen patti. Find out more on how to get money in Teen Patti.

3) Begin With Small Bets

Remember, Teen Patti is not a short game. You will enjoy many hands in a single session. If you start with small bets, it will reduce your risk of running out of money fast. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to win.

4) Play Blind

Play blind as much as possible. This will work to your advantage as you will get most opponents confused, as it will be impossible to evaluate the strength of your card based on your body language.

5) Keep an Eye on Opportunities

It would be best if you were alert to see opportunities when they come. If you find a lot of players folding their hands, take advantage of the opportunity. Decide from what you have in your hand, and you can begin betting big.

6) Pack if You Are Not Sure

If you are not certain of your hands, it is prudent to pack and give it another try. In this way, you will lose only a small amount of bet.

How to play Teen Patti in Hindi

Teen Patti is one of the most loved desi card games, it is one of the most straightforward games you will ever play. 3 to 6 players normally play it, and it uses 52 cards, excluding the joker.

Well, how to play 3 Patti in Hindi is simple. Here is a guide on how to play Teen Patti in Hindi.

  1. Choose a Teen Patti Table on an online casino that offers Teen Patti in Hindi
  2. Stake your Ante and Potential side bets
  3. Once the cards are revealed, make up your mind if you want to Play or Fold
  4. The dealer reveals the cards; if you have better cards, you win or lose

Who can play the teen Patti in India?

In India anyone who understands the basics of Teen Patti can play. This is because the game does not require the application of advanced strategies and skills.

Tips from the Professionals at Teen Patti

Tips on how to play Patti game can have a great impact on your gameplay. Check out how to play Teen Patti in Hindi with these professional tips;

  1. Don’t Be Scared To Lose

Bear in mind that you can win all time. Losing one round doesn’t mean you are a poor player. If you have a better hand, you can win other rounds.

  1. Use the Sideshow Option

In case you are not confident about your cards, you can request a sideshow from a preceding player. The one with a stronger hand wins. This can help you decide on whether to continue playing or not.

  1. Study your competitor

Study your competitors playing pattern and their body language. Most players can’t hide their emotions while they play, and this can work to your advantage.

  1. Play With Money You Can Afford to Lose

Before you begin playing, set a budget for how much you want to play. Don’t play with money that is set for other needs.

  1. Fold or bluff if you have a bad hand

Bluffing, if you have a weak hand, can make players fold as they might think you have a good hand. When playing online, bluffing can work best as no one is seeing your cards.


Do You Need Special Skills to Play Teen Patti?

Yes, Teen Patti is both a game of skill and luck. However, to have a competitive edge over your competitors, you need to learn the rules teen patti and strategies of how to play Teen Patti.

Why Is Teen Patti Very Popular in India?

Teen Patti is Popular in India because of its close connection to Indian social gatherings, religious festivals, and important cultural heritage. One of the brightest Hindu Celebrations is Diwali, as it brings families together.

Why is Teen Patti Considered the Easiest Game?

Teen Patti is the easiest game as anyone can play it as it doesn’t need advanced skills or strategies.

How to Get Teen Patti Chips?

How to get Teen Patti chips is simple. You can get Teen Patti Chips from a trusted seller, here is how to get chips in 3Patti. Remember to buy your Teen Patti Chips from a reliable official source to prevent scams as most sources offer misleading information on how to get chips in Teen Patti. Learn more on how to get free chips in 3Patti.

How to Play Teen Patti in Hindi?

How to play 3 patti in Hindi is easy. 3 to 6 players normally play teen Patti, and it normally uses 52 cards, excluding the joker. By placing a Bet, Teen Patti begins.

How to Play Teen Patti Flash Card Game?

When it comes to how to play Flash card game, only 4 to 7 players are ideal. Normal 52 card pack ranking from As down to 2s excluding the joker is used. All participants also decide a minimum stake before the game starts.

How to Hack Teen Patti?

There is no way how to hack Teen Patti for Real money. You might find resources on the internet on how to Teen Patti hack, but they are all scams and fake. Do not trust any of these sites.

How to Get Unlimited Chips In Teen Patti?

There is no way how to get unlimited chips in Teen Patti. Be wary of scams and misleading information on the internet.

What is Teen Patti Gold?

Teen Patti Gold is a popular android app for playing the classic card game. You can use this app to learn how to cheat teen Patti Gold or how to cheat in teen Patti. Furthermore, you can learn strategies for how to play Teen Patti Gold.