The Privacy Policy at

The website is responsible for the online Teen Patti game. Players can find out every little detail about this game. From how to create an account with them to playing and winning in this game.

Our site has rules and regulations that players should follow. Additionally, there are also privacy policies on this site. In our blog, we shall look into these policies and what they stand for. At, we are keen on every section of our site to ensure that your private data is safe and secure.

Which information do we collect from you

On our website, we are about storing your privacy policy data with us. First, there is a certain thing we need from you. They include;

  • We maintain any conversation you have ever had with our customer support team.
  • We gather your IP address and site preferences on your visit.
  • Your name, telephone number and email address should be with us. It will enable you to subscribe to your emails every time you log in to our website.
  • Joining competitions, posting comments and completing surveys are some information you should submit on our site.
  • We also collect your search habits and activities on the website and cookies like your location.

We gather anonymous data from every user of our website. It helps in monitoring traffic and fixing bugs. For instance, we collect details such as web requests, the information transferred regarding such requests, the browser type, the Internet Protocol address, the timestamp for the request and the browser language.

To collect use information, we apply different technologies that may involve sending cookies to your desktop. Cookies are data files kept in your device memory or hard drive that improve your experience and our services.

What do we do with this information?

At protecting your privacy comes first. We do not share or sell your private data to anyone, including a third party, unless you ask us to do so. Some of the cases where we can dispose of your information include;

  • Some trusted third parties, such as email delivery or SMS services avenues, might contain access to some pieces of your data.
  • Your private data stored with us will be transferred to the new owner when an acquisition or merger of our website occurs. If it happens, we usually to you and all the other users.
  • If there is a court order demanding your data or other legal reasons.

We have a secure server to store your private information. We follow the data protection laws. The data we store here include; the pages you access, personal data, time of visits, browser details and IP address.

We are always available if you want to unsubscribe from our website or withdraw your stored data. We will remove the data from any third-party or our server.

What is the use of cookies?

We have mentioned cookies here, and you may be wondering why they are that important. They pass information between the sites you visit and your device. They are also used to note the activities you engage in on a website.

Our website uses information authentication cookies to track your traffic log. The browser transfers information via cookies to our server whenever you come back to our site with your device. It assists our server in gathering information on how you utilized our site.

For instance, the pages you visit occasionally and the time you use on our site. It also assists us in delivering a greater user experience to all our players. The following is an overview of what the cookies sent to the server;

  • We know your browsing history and the pages you visit most on our website through the traffic log cooky.
  • We apply authentication cookies with accounts and logins to protect your private data.
  • They also help us in tracking third-party sources on our website like Google.

The good thing about cookies is that they are customizable. If you feel like restricting them, you can customize them to your preference on your browser. Keep in mind that this will affect your browsing experience on our site.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

From time to time, we change this privacy policy. The use of information that we have collected now concerns the current privacy policy. If we amend the information we have collected, we shall notify you via email or announce it through the website. In case of any query, feel free to contact us.